Valencia Group offers guests not just a destination, but a departure from daily reality. Roy Kretschmer, executive vice president of operations at Valencia Group, brings together the right amenities and fixtures that evoke the culture, character and even era intended for each of their seven unique properties. The Lone Star Court’s retro Americana design feeds off Austin’s laid-back vibe, convincing guests they’ve embarked on a classic American road trip along Route 66. Meanwhile, his Hotel Alessandra in the heart of Houston brings the futuristic fantasy of an urban oasis to life.

“These are anti-cookie-cutter hotels,” Kretschmer says. However, one thing had to be consistent: the quality of sleep. The moment Kretschmer started working with Tempur Sealy, when Valencia Group was outfitting its very first hotel, he knew he was in the hands of a brand that shared his outlook: Guest experience comes first.