• Lasting Luxury

    Lasting Luxury Lasting Luxury

    • Hospitality-grade Foundation — Hospitality-grade foundation for greater structural integrity that lasts longer in high-traffic hospitality environments.
    • Premium Foam — Pre-compressed to retain height and resist body impressions, our premium foam has 10% higher density than our retail foams.
    • Stearns & Foster Encased Coil — Each coil is individually encased to reduce motion transfer from coil to coil when someone moves. The result is a more stable sleep surface and few interruptions between sleep partners during the night.
    • High-performance Foam-encased Edge — The foam-encased edge provides maximized sleeping space and supportive seating.
  • Cooling Technology Cooling Technology

    • Gel-infused, High-density Foams — All of our foams are gel-infused to promote cool, restful sleep.
    • OUTLAST® Material — Covers feature breathable silk and wool fibers with OUTLAST material.
    • Solid Brass Air Vents — The Stearns & Foster solid brass air vents promote breathability, allowing for increased airflow.
    Cooling Technology
  • Easy Housekeeping

    Easy Housekeeping Easy Housekeeping

    • 8 Sturdy Handles — Our patented design features eight vertical mattress handles for everyday use.
    • No-skid Foundation Top — This special layer keeps the mattress in place.
    • Antimicrobial, Water-resistant Fabric Option — Special fabrics make cleaning easy.
Expect Raves

I have arthritis in my lower back and have not been able to sleep soundly in years. I constantly wake up in pain, and it’s a struggle to get up. But the level of support and ease of getting out of bed after sleeping on this mattress have given me hope. I’d love to purchase this mattress!

— Rosemarie C., May 2016
Expect Raves

From the moment I lay down, I could tell this was my ‘Goldilocks’ bed. It had the right combination of plush and firmness. It was literally one of the best nights’ sleep I’ve had in years.”

— Jim A., Chicago, IL, March 2016
Expect Raves

The rooms were spacious and beautifully furnished, but the best and most unexpected part was the comfort of the beds. On the first morning, the first comment from all four of us was how great we slept and how wonderful the mattresses were. By the third night, we were convinced we had to have them in our homes.”

— Robin M., Clarion, PA, May 2016
Expect Raves

When we woke up, I said, ‘We’re going to have to bring this bed home with us.’ I’ve never slept better in my life.

— Kristen B., Chicago, IL, June 2016
Expect Raves

My husband usually wakes up two or three times a night, but he slept straight through on this mattress. We’ve been looking for a mattress that’s firm and also soft, and this one is perfect!

— Lorie C., Grove City, OH, April 2016

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